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Item of the Week - H&M Conscious Collection Khaki green shorts #1

H&M shirt, $23 / H&M short jacket, $46 / H&M shorts, $23 / H&M colorblock flat, $20 / H&M bag, $23 / H&M bracelet jewelry, $9.09 / H&M earrings, $7.58 / H&M, $9.09

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Last week I run into an advert about the new Conscious Collection of H&M promoted by the lovely Vanessa Paradis. I respect so much when a big and fast fashion store starts to sell Eco-friendly clothes, so I love H&M more :)

I choose this khaki green shorts to be the item of this week. It's decorated with colorful fake gems.

HM Conscious Collection khaki green shorts details

In this #outfit I matched the shorts with white sleeveless chiffon blouse with decorative rivets, pastel yellow jacket and accessories - pastel colors are popular in spring fashion this year as well. Oh, and I selected everything from H&M :)

This look fits great for Warm Spring just like Vanessa Paradis and Soft Autumn seasonal color women

Who are they? What does seasonal color mean? What is your color season? Click here or the link above and learn more.

And finally here is a hit song by the charming Vanessa Paradis :)

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