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Sparkling Saturday - on the street

Sometimes everybody needs a little #sparkle. So on every Saturday, I will show you wonderful and glamorous photos to bring some glitter into your day :)

Here are great and stylish ideas how to wear shiny clothes or accessories on the street. Wear sequin skirt or top, big and sparkling jewellery or accessories. However, don't use them at the same time :)

street style: sequin skirt and heels with sheer blouse

street style: sequin skirt with yellow top and silver belt

street style: white shirt with studded denim short and silver bag

street style: gorgeous sequin soft white gown

street style: sparkling floral print top

street style: navy peplum top wit gold accessories

street style: bold pearls necklace with stripe dress

street style: sequin top with white skinny jeans

street style: black and gold outfit

street style: white open back dress with gold accessories

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Find beautiful and awesome shining details  in fashion outfit. How to style with sparkling products. Marvellous photos about gold or silver accessories, necklaces, bracelets or rings with shining shoes or bags. Beautiful sequin tops and skirts.

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  1. Love the first photo but I would not be afraid to tomboy it down to classic loafers or lower heals. Personally not a fan of super high heels to me they look like they were shoes dipped in cement and they are not fooling anyone to leg length. Also great simple boots would word...suede.


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