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Are you a Spring-Autumn (Warm Spring)?

Warm Spring seasonal color palette description by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Update from March 2016: I uploaded a new photo with face examples for a better understanding of this seasonal color palette. Although I can't be certain about the celebrities' exact seasonal color palettes I would like to show some examples to visualize each color palettes.

Warm Spring, Spring-Autumn seasonal color celebrities by 30somethingurbangirl.com 

Scarlett Johansson / Vanessa Paradis / Heidi Klum
Jamilla Hoogenboom / Bria Condon
Michelle Williams / Jessica Chastain /  Amy Adams

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This seasonal color palette is also known as True Spring because you are a Spring woman who flows into Autumn which is another warm season. Your overall look is warm and fresh.

Your hair: golden blonde or brown, strawberry blonde, light auburn, copper

Your skin: ivory with golden glow or undertone, peachy, golden beige, may have freckles, burns easily

Your eyes: golden green or brown, hazel, warm blue

Your #colors: light, soft and warm

Best colors for Warm Spring seasonal color women; Warm Spring color palette

Your basic neutral colors: cream, beige, camel, warm brown, navy

Avoid: every dark and cool shades like black, grays, plum, burgundy, fuchsia

Your makeup:
 use your palette colors to your eyes, lips and nails, foundation and blusher should be peachy or gold undertones, don't use bronze blusher

Your jewelry: gold, rose gold, lighter bronze, lighter copper

Your #style: mix of romantic and natural

Your sister color palette: Warm Autumn (Autumn-Spring)
Note: You can wear the lighter colors of the palette of the Warm Autumn season.

More famous Warm Springs: Ivanka Trump, Katherine Heigl, Reba McEntire, Christina Hendricks

Also known as: True Spring or Warm Clear

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Do you need help to find your colors? Are you not sure of your seasonal color palette? Be absolutely certain and order a professional color analysis.

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  1. I think I'm a warm spring, though I'm not sure. I have very dark blonde (more light brown in winter) hair with some kind of reddish/golden shine (particularly in the sun) that's even called ginger once, though that was probably because I was sitting in the sun. My eyecolour changes a bit, most people say gray blue but soemtimes they look grey, than blue, than green, than bluegreen...
    My skincolor is the most difficult. On an other season palette site, I was said I have a cold skin because of my blue veins, but I have freckles (in summer, again) and my skin is very, very pale. My exact skincolour I can't say because I don't know what colour you exactly mean with 'peachy' or 'creamy' and google isn't such a good help.

    1. Hello Gitte,
      thank you for reading my blog :)
      Peachy and creamy skin tone is a kind of light and fair ivory or beige skin with golden glow or undertone. It's quite youthful and can burn easily.
      About your description, I would rather think that you are a probably a Soft Autumn. They can have this interesting hair color with different golden/reddish highlights.
      Your eyes are mostly cool (the grayish blue/green "color changing" eyes are traits of Summers or palettes with Summer secondary season like Autumns flow into Summer = Soft Autumn or Winters flow into Summer = Cool Winter). I'm a Cool Winter and my eyes have this kind of color. If I'm wearing a light blue top they look more like blue, and sometimes more greenish.
      Your skin tone is probably neutral that is a mixture of cool (very pale) and warm (freckles) characteristics.
      To be more certain, feel free to send me a couple of photos about your makeup free face to 30somethingurbangirl@gmail.com and I'll check it for you.

  2. I'm so lost whether I'm a warm spring or not. My hair is I guess what you'd say a light to medium golden brown with slight reddish tones. It used to be more on the blonde side but it's darken through some time. Sometimes however, it can appear to be ashy, at least in the winter I've noticed. My eye color on the other hand is a light golden brown with slight green tints on the outside. As for my skin coloring, I noticed I do have some freckles and warmth, but for whatever reasons my vein makeup is always changing from blue-purple to, on some occasions, blue-green. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a little on the pale side or for other reasons such as the weather. I've been told salmon pinks or peaches look great on me as well as a lot of light colors but overall I'm confused what I am.

  3. Hello Tiffany,

    thank you for reading :)

    According to your description, you could be a Soft Autumn. Ashy highlights and blue-purple veins could indicate cool secondary season.
    I suggest to try on these colors to compare with complements you better:
    Warm Spring: mustard yellow, coral red, fresh green, warm blue or chocolate brown,
    Soft Autumn: pastel yellow, brick red, asparagus green grayish blue or taupe brown.
    You can also try these lipstick shades:
    Warm Spring: warm pink or coral
    Soft Autumn: light brown or orange

    If you still feel unsure, send me a couple of photos to hello@30somethingurbangirl.com and I'll check your palette.

  4. I have a hard time narrowing down my season as well. I'm almost certain I'm a Spring, but beyond that, I'm not sure. I had very light warm blond hair as a child, but it turned light brown after I had children. I have eyes with several colors in them, a mixture of blue, green and gray, with a ring of brown & gold in the middle. The veins in my skin look teal or turquoise depending on the light, and I've always tanned easily even though I'm very fair.

  5. Hi - My name is Anne.
    I'm a redhead incorrectly called a "warm autumn" my whole life. Earth tones do nothing for me. But I still don't know my season. I have auburn-colored hair, auburnish-brown eyes, and very porcelain skin. Silver is definitely better than gold, and blue-toned lipsticks are much better than yellow-toned.
    I always get compliments when I wear aqua, dark magenta (which seems so odd), royal blue, navy blue
    Is it possible to tell from this little bit of a description?
    Thank you!

    1. Have you tried winter? There are red headed winters.

  6. Hi my name is Naomi. I have darker brown hair with reddish highlights and dark hazel eyes with gray on the outside. I have very fair skin, freckles and a pinkish undertone to my skin. I really love and get the most compliments on dusty rose/ pink blended with brown tones and just bought a dress that's a very light sea foam green and have gotten compliments on that as well. I thought I was a warm spring but I'm not so sure now. Any advice?

  7. Hello, I was determined earlier as a soft autumn, but have just bought a new bikini which is a combination of hot and slightly lighter but still bright pink, even though those are colours I should avoid as a soft autumn. I actually looked very well in it, both me, my mom and the shopkeeper thought so. I'm obviously a warm and lighter type (some freckles, ginger-like hair) and don't look good in black or very, very light colours (white is to avoid) so I think this is my type.

  8. Hello, it seems my seasonal skin type is warm spring. It says that my jewellery should be gold, golden rose etc. But these doesnt suit me. I read somewhere that your seasonal type should be cool if silver jewellery suit you. I think its my case. What do you think?


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