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Are You a Spring-Winter (Clear Spring)?

Clear Spring seasonal color palette description by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Update from March 2016: I uploaded a new photo with face examples for a better understanding of this seasonal color palette. Although I can't be certain about the celebrities' exact seasonal color palettes I would like to show some examples to visualize each color palettes.

Clear Spring, Spring-Winter seasonal color celebrities by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Brittany Snow / Emilie De Ravin / Heather Graham
Garbirelle Kagay / Jo Molenaar
Carey Mulligan / Maggie Gyllenhaal  / Emma Stone    

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You are a Spring woman who flows into Winter. It means you have contrast on your face but not as much as Winters have. Your dominant colors are light, warm (Spring) and clear (Winter). Your overall look is vivid and sparkling.
You are lucky because you can easily change your hair color from golden blonde to bright red to warm darker brown.

Your hair: golden blonde/brown, auburn, copper, medium golden brown

Your skin: peachy, light ivory or porcelain, may have freckles, burns easily

Your eyes: sparkling and clear blue or green, brownish topaz

Your #colors: light, clear and warm

Best colors for Clear Spring seasonal color women; Clear Spring color palette

Your basic neutral colors: café noir, navy, cream, soft white, camel

Avoid: dusty and pale colors like light gray, pastels, muddy browns

Your makeup: use your palette colors to your eyes, lips and nails, foundation and blusher should be peachy and gold undertones, don't use bronzer

Your jewelry: gold, lighter bronze, lighter copper, white gold

Your #style: romantic and dramatic 

Your sister color palette: Clear Winter (Winter-Spring)
Note: You can wear the warmest colors of the palette of Clear Winter season.

More famous Clear Springs: Tara Reid, Goldie Hawn, Charlene Tilton, Rosy McGowan, Britney Spears

Also known as: Clear Warm

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  1. Is white-blonde a hair color that you would recommend for bright springs? I noticed that Carey Mulligan looks nice with that hair color, and also Saoirse Ronan (I think she is also bright spring)

    I am a danish girl, and I think I am a bright spring. My hair color is a golden blonde, but when I was a child I had white-blonde hair, and I think it looked good because it created contrast with my green-blue eyes. I am considering bleaching my hair white-blonde, but not sure yet.

    I love your website and I am very tempted to buy your online analysis to hear what you have to say :)
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Hi Sophie,

      I'm really happy that you like my blog :)

      I think because of the dramatic style and a little cool undertone (Winter sub-season) Clear Springs can wear white blonde hair until it's not extremely white or ashy.
      However I suggest to try your new hair color first in a simulation like this http://www.thehairstyler.com/virtual-hairstyler?ref=pages-sidebar (I just found it in Google) before bleaching your hair.

      Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi, I just found your blog through Pinterest and I love it. I'm fairly certain I am a clear spring. My hair is naturally medium brownish red, kind of a dark auburn, but as a child it was pretty red, my skin is fair, with neutral undertones, but I have some freckles, and my eyes are bright and sparkly green. The reason I found your blog is because I'm looking to renew my vows in the future and I am trying to figure out what color to get my dress in. I was searching for what neutrals are best for Clear Springs, to make the best selection. It's nerve wracking and I want to make sure I do it right! I followed your Pinterest board, and I love it, but I'm still not sure if I should go with pure white, ivory, or a light blush color.

    1. Hello Sierra,
      thanks for reading my blog and I'm really happy that you like it :) I think you can try pure white and ivory too, blush colors (pink or purple or blue shades) fit well for Summers. As I've learnt, Clear Spring is the only season -besides Winters- that can wear white and black without looking dull or washed out. I think an ivory dress with gold shine could complement your colors well.

  3. I think I'm a clear spring but I'm not sure.

    As a child my hair was a very light yellow, close to white. It darkened to a deep golden blonde, and now has stopped darkening at its resting place of a confusing brown/blonde color. I'd probably label it as a very warm grey.

    My eyes have gotten a lot more green in them as I've gotten older (I'm nineteen). I would still call them blue at this point but I've had people say they're green, not that I'm complaining! I have a few "freckles" on my iris that are warm brown in color. My eyes have a prominent outer rim.

    My skin is very light when not tanned, almost translucent. I feel neutral but pull more warm for sure. When I tan my skin takes on a bronze hue and I freckle easily.

    I've dyed my hair dark in the past and really enjoyed it. Pure black was far too harsh but when it started to fade it looked fantastic. I've also dyed my hair strawberry/yellow blonde and loved it. As well as a coppery color that nearly matched my freckle shade.


    1. Hello,
      about your description you could be a Soft Summer or a Soft Autumn as well. It's a little bit tricky to determine these palettes because soft colored women have neutral or medium overall look with the mixture of warm and cool characteristics. Depending the color they wear they could be seen more warmer or more cooler.
      In your case - the cool traits are: the ashy highlight in your hair, the green-blue color of your eyes and the light skin tone. The warm traits are: blonde hair color, the "freckles" in your eyes and the warm feel in your skin tone.
      However to be sure, you can send me a couple of photos to taggica@gmail.com about your make-up free face in good lighting and I check your color palette.

  4. I've been trying to determine my 'season' (unsuccessfully!) for years now but just of late I'm considering the possibility that I may be a clear spring. as a child I had pale golden blond hair that darkened to a light golden brown with gold and red highlights as I got older. My eyes are turquoise and my skin is a mixture of yellow and pink tones. I look best in clear warm colours but also some cool colours as long as they are not 'dusty'. What really confuses me is that I can wear some muted autumn colours (eg. a rich rusty red) too!

  5. Hello!
    I've been triyng to determine mi season... But im really confused.
    When I was a child muy hair was dark ash/golden blinde hair, now I have it more dark and with more golden un it. Muy ejes are light brown(stream eyes) some types they look hazel or similar. Mi skin is very pale, rosy chicks, I cantón tanned. I confused if I hace softened o brilliant coloring, i think that how I describes myself it sound brilliant, but when i look myself is a coloring somewhat neutral, not too light or dark, not too warm or cool. Like really soft, but muy eyes are the typical brilliant brown eye. So if you can help me, i think i look similar to carey mulligan when she had brunnete hair, but alzó im similar to emilia clarke, their skin and hair and softness! I really like tour blog. Im going to aprecciate a lot if you can help me! (Note: the lenguaje English is not muy original lenguage, so sorru if there is a lot of wrong partes in this message)

    1. Hello,
      thank you for reading my blog! About your description, you can be a Soft Summer. They can have medium brown, usually ashy with golden highlights, hair with lighter eyes that can be seen as Clear Spring or one of the Winter seasons at first sight.
      I suggest to ask a friend to help you and try on these shades next to your face:
      Clear Spring - hot pink, coffee brown, royal blue, bright turquoise, red.
      Soft Summer - dusty pink, medium gray, gray-blue, mint, raspberry red.
      I think your friend will feel and see which color is better for you.
      If you still unsure, you can send me photos about your makeup free face to 30somethingurbangirl@gmail.com and I'll check it.

  6. I think I am a clear spring, the only thing that confuses me is that I have dark brown hair but green eyes with this golden ring in the middle and have a beige skin color that gets super pale in the winter months but tans easily during the summer months and I usually don't burn. Am I a clear spring or could I be something else?

  7. Hello could you help me find my season I am naturally a deep strawberry redhead with pale cool skin that has pink and blue undertones and hazel eyes that seem to pop more when I wear cooler colours. I burn very easily and have no freckles could you please help me find my season. Thank you :)

  8. My husband is a redhead with fiery red hair, clear blue eyes and pale skin. This is the most uncommon of all combinations. It determined him as Clear Spring. However, the clear Spring colors in my opinion aren't his best colors. It recommended looking at Clear Winter for some other options. I believe he is a clear winter over a clear spring. He looks gorgeous in black and many shades of gray. Take a look at the actor Damian Lewis! My husband's looks are very similar and I notice he wears a lot of the clear winter colors. You should consider making a test for men! This test has made my life so much easier. I'm a soft summer and since I've followed your color guide, my life has been filled with compliments. People have asked if I changed up my skin routine or had work done:) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  9. Hello, could you help me determine my season? I have natural medium to dark ash brown hair. When I was young it was golden blonde. Now it is colored golden brown. Very light skin,almost translucent, looks pale olive to me. Most people comment how pale I am... And olive green eyes. I have been wearing a lot of black for the past few years becouse I can't figure out which colors work for me. Stark white and pastels make me look green... I want to get away from safe black... I would really appreciate your help :)


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