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Chanel shoes I love

In my last post about Coco Chanel, I collected some gorgeous and iconic black toe shoes

Gabrielle Chanel created the legendary two-tone slingback shoe in 1957. Conceived in beige with a contrasting black toe cap, the novel style creates a uniquely flattering effect, at once shortening the foot and lengthening the leg.

Chanel models wear two-tones hoes and suits, 1964

The Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida surrounded by CHANEL House models wearing suits and two-tone shoes, 1964

the classic and original Chanel slingback, two-tones hoes
the classic slingback, two-tone shoes

I would love to have these amazing versions :)

classic T-strap, two-tone Chanel shoes, heels
classic T-strap

lovely Chanel two-tone ballet flats with bow
lovely ballet flats

Chanel two-tone pumps with bow
love bows

Chanel two-tone pearl heels
and love pearls

Chanel pale pink tweed shoes, pumps
a pair of tweed pumps

pretty Chanel T-strap sandals with bow
T-strap, bows an sandals. amazing

Chanel heels with feather and pearls, runway details
with pearls and feather :)

Chanel black and white plaid open toe boots
love this pattern
black Chanel transparent open toe boots with logo and bow
transparent 1.0

Chanel transparent black toe heels
transparent 2.0 :)

You can get the original sources of the pictures by clicking on them and again at the new window.
Collection of Chanel shoes, classic Chanel slingback pumps, Chanel two-tone heels, Chanel black toe pumps, Chanel black and white boots, beautiful Chanel sandals, Chanel transparent heels and Chanel T-strap heels and Chanel black toe ballet flats.

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