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Are you a Summer-Autumn (Soft Summer)?

Soft Summer seasonal color palette description by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Update from March 2016: I uploaded a new photo with face examples for a better understanding of this seasonal color palette. Although I can't be certain about the celebrities' exact seasonal color palettes I would like to show some examples to visualize each color palettes.

Soft Summer, Summer-Autumn seasonal color celebrities by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Rachel McAdams   Kate Moss / Jennifer Aniston
Abbey Lee /  Barbara Fialho
Ellen Pompeo / Sarah Jessica Parker / Katie Holmes 

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You are a Summer (cool traits) woman who flows into Autumn (warm traits). It means you have delicate and natural colors on your face. Because of the effects of warm and cool seasons you are the most misdiagnosed season especially if you have darker hair color and lighter eyes.

Depending on the color your wear you can see yourself sometimes warmer or cooler. You can feel you look 'mousy' in most colors because you should wear only soft and muted shades to look fabulous and elegant.

Your hair: medium or dark ash blonde, light or medium ash brown ('mousy')

Your skin: natural beige, ivory or darker with ashy undertones, may have freckles

Your eyes: gray blue or green, hazel

Your #colors: soft and muted

Best colors for Soft Summer seasonal color women; Soft Summer color palette

Your basic neutral colors: soft white, navy, grays

Avoid: clear and bright colors, browns and oranges

Your makeup: use your palette colors to your eyes, lips and nails, foundation and blusher should be rosy and cool undertones, don't use bronzer

Your jewelry: silver, rose gold, white gold

Your #style: classic and natural 

Your sister color palette: Soft Autumn (Autumn-Summer)
Note: You can wear the pastel colors of the palette of the Soft Autumn season.

More famous Soft Summers: Ashlee Simpson, Melora Hardin, Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Patricia Arquette, Catherine Middleton, Angelina Jolie

Also known as: Soft Cool

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Do you need help to find your colors? Are you not sure of your seasonal color palette? Be absolutely certain and order a professional color analysis.

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  1. Hi !

    I adore your blog !! It's very helpful and well-designed. I was told, after a proper color analysis, that I am a soft summer with a strong cool summer influence :) I tend to agree with this result, cause I don't feel like an obvious type to analyzed. Imagine that in the past, I thought I was a spring or autumn. I wore orange and red color - I looked terrible in them!! I like the colors from my current palette, I've tended to wear them for couple of years after I found out more information about color analysis. They range from my fave pinks with blue undertone, medium blues, purples, periwinkle :) My neutrals are grey, navy, beige, some browns, charcoal, and soft white and I have to admit that i look gorgeous in those colors whereas in black or pure white I feel like washed out. At first, most people think i am warm due to my freckles. However, my freckles don't have warm undertone in them. Secondly, I've got neither obvious cool or warm skin tone. I've got light beige/neutral skin tone which hardly tans to light, dusty brown. Furthermore, my hair are dark blond/ light brown and do not have warm hue in them, mostly greyish tones. Next, my eyes are mixture of grey, blue and some green color - but the overall look gives a cool look. My brows are dark brown.

    Some tips for those who don't know how to determine their type. Go for a proper color analysis it's worth spending money on. Furthermore, If you hesitate between warm or cool, you might be soft like me :)))

    1. Hi Lizbontur,

      thank you so much for your detailed comment! I'm sure it will help for many readers :))

      I'm so happy that you like my blog! Thanks for reading.

    2. It's like if you described myself (minus the freckles) :-)

  2. I've seen this post and others like it so many times, and I'm still so confused. Sometimes I think I'm "soft summer" and other times I think I'm "soft autumn"--especially after doing the DYT analysis.

    My hair in low light is light, mousy brown.
    My hair in the sun shines auburn, and in the summer gets highlights of bronze and gold.
    My hair as a baby was auburn, too.
    My eyes are a muted green-blue.
    My skin tone is quite neutral. Not cool, not warm.
    I look fine in white gold and light gold, but not brass, and not titanium or marcasite.
    When I tan up in the summer I look incredible in pure white.
    When I pale down in the winter I look much better in light cream.

    What am I?

    1. Hello,
      thanks for your interest and comment :)
      About your description, because of your hair color you could be rather a Soft Autumn than a Soft Summer. Please, send me a couple of photos about your make-up free face to taggica@gmail.com and I'll check which seasonal color palette is the best for you.

  3. Rihanna-cool winter
    Katie Holmes-deep autumn
    Jennifer Aniston-cool winter
    Sarah Jessica Parker-clear spring
    Kate Moss- deep winter.
    I did a test.

    1. Hello Giselle,
      I've read your interesting comments about the celebrities' seasonal colors below my other posts as well. Would you be so kind to tell me how you examined the ladies and found out these other seasonal color palettes? Or do you use another system?
      Thank you.

    2. I am sorry, but the description of celebrities' season type is completely wrong

  4. Hi thee,
    I have dark ash blonde hair, very light skin, grey-blue eyes with a golden Aztec sun around my pupil, am I a soft summer? It seems like the soft summer colours don't do anything for me, I have been told I look good in black,salmon, khaki and fuschia, I think I look good in khaki, salmon and royal blue.
    Super confused, please help me

  5. Hello Charlene,
    about your description you could be a Soft Summer seasonal color woman however your best colors can indicate other palette. Black fits well only for Winters and Clear Springs, salmon is typically a Spring color, khaki matches best for Autumns, royal blue can be good for Winters and Summers while fuchsia also complements Winters.
    The Soft Summer palette is a little bit tricky (and often misdiagnosed) because you’re dominant coloring is cool but you have some warm characteristics as well.
    So please, send me a couple of photos about your make-up free face to taggica@gmail.com and I'll check which seasonal color palette is the best for you :)

  6. After an exhaustive study of personal online color analysis, I have finally found my home at Soft Summer. I was mistakenly draped as a Winter as a young adult and subsequently dressed in all the Winter colors for more than 20 years. My closet was full of black clothes. I've spent the last year trying on different color palettes. It's been a roller-coaster of a ride trying to analyze myself. There are no analysts where I live. You have THE best online color quiz. I love your blog and your Pinterest boards. Please keep providing this information for those of us trying to find our way through a plethora of misinformation out there. I am so happy to find the colors that are ME. Now I need to purge my closet and go shopping!!!!

    1. Hi Aibrean,
      thank you very much for your kind words and I'm really happy that you like my blog and work :)
      I wish you a nice and colorful journey!

  7. Hi Agnes :)
    I' ve found your blog lately while I was looking for information about seasonal colour analysis.
    I am wondering what season I am.
    I have brown hair but on summer they're ligther- like ligth brown/ dark blond .They are rather warm than cold. They look like hair of Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun ( I think about colour).
    My skin is ligth too, yellow but not very clear;
    I have dark brown eyes and a little blue eye ball. Eyebrows are dark;- not black; but dark grey; eyelashes too.
    Lips are very very pale pink - fairly colourless. I am mix of warm and cool but I think I am warm, however.
    I look ugly in dark shading and nude lipsticks.
    What do you think what season I am?
    Ps. Forgive me for my English.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Michalina,
      about your description you could be a Soft Summer or a Soft Autumn as well. So to be sure, please, send me a couple of photos about your make-up free face to taggica@gmail.com and I will check which is your seasonal palette :)

  8. I think I've found my palette! White blonde as a kid now it's dark ash blonde. Neutral/bluish skin and grey-blue-green eyes (mostly blue).

    I've found I can wear some soft autumn colors c: Such as light soft green.

  9. I have naturally dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, light skin with freckles and a pink ish undertone. I'd say I have somewhat of a neutral undertone though, because my hair naturally shines golden and red in the sun and I look almost equally good in warm colors as cool ones. I always thought I was winter but then I took a questionnaire that told me I was a soft summer. I looked at the color palette and thought maybe I am, because a lot of these colors look better on me than the colors from the winter palette. Could you provide any insight on this? Thanks!

    1. Hello Sara,
      about your description you could be a Soft Summer or a Soft Autumn as well. So to be sure, please, send me a couple of photos about your make-up free face to taggica@gmail.com and I will check which is your possible seasonal palette :)

  10. Good morning,
    I am SO glad I found your post on the color analysis. All stylists wanted to color my hair blonde so it REALLY screwed me up on finding colors that I loved to wear and felt good in. I am a cool, hazel eyed, darker brown hair with fair skin (peach undertones). But my skin throws some red because of rosacea. Is there a makeup palette you suggest? I LOVE all the greys and the deep pinks, but I hope they are ok for the summer -autumn palette. Should I be wearing the golds/grey greens/purples because my eyes? I feel like I am so messed up about it.
    Thank you!

  11. Hi,
    I am so confused on which color palette fits me best. I have dirty blonde/light ash brown hair level6-7. Porcelain skin that is extremely fair, but with olive/yellow undertones. I had a makeup artist tell me I'm a very light olive skin complexion. I have hazel eyes, they have a yellow sunburst around the pupil, and a gray green on the rest. My veins look teal to me. More green than blue I think. Which is so confusing. Please help.

    1. Hi Kelley,
      about your description you could be one of the Soft seasons but I can imagine another warm palette too. So to be sure, please, send me a couple of photos about your make-up free face to 30somethingurbangirl@gmail.com and I will check which is your possible seasonal palette :)

    2. I am very curious as to the outcome of Kelley's season. I have been going back and forth between soft summer and soft autumn and they both are equal on me. I have the same coloring of her hair, skin, eyes and veins! Please share your results. Thanks.

    3. Hi,
      after the color analysis Kelley became a Soft Autumn. Her hair and skin tone looked more warm than a Soft Summer woman has.
      I suggest to consult with a friend or your significant other wearing colors from the Soft Summer and Soft Autumn palette. For example, medium gray versus camel or soft pink versus light orange or olive green versus verdigris green. They will feel and probably see which colors complement your look better. Sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror and judge ourselves with objective eyes.

  12. Hi Agnes,
    I've been trying to figure out what I am for a while now. I think I may be a soft summer given the colours on the pallet but am not entirely sure.
    In winter I very light skin- my veins look greeny-blue so I can't really tell whether I lean towards warm or cool. I tan easily in summer and sometimes get slight freckles. My hair has a relatively ashy tone but naturally golden highlights and my eyes are look grey in some lights and bright blue in others. Medium shades of lipstick from dusty rose to coral tend to suit me best. Do you have any ideas? :)

    1. Hello,

      thank you for reading my blog :)
      About your description, you could be a Soft Autumn too. You can also try these colors next to face and ask a friend to help you which suits you better:
      Soft Summer: medium gray, mauve, raspberry red or
      Soft Autumn: taupe, light orange, redwood red or moss green

      I hope these info can help. If you still unsure, send me a couple of photos about your makeup free face to 30somethingurbangirl@gmail.com and I will check which is your possible seasonal palette.

  13. Yeah, you determined me as a soft autumn. But I get most compliments on colours in this chart; the blues and greens (colder colours?)
    And the cold colours contrast with my hair which makes it seem more red, I like that. (which is, next to a few freckles in summer, my only warm feature)

  14. Really struggling with hair at the moment, my natural shade completely washes me out and I'm ready to change things up. Definitely fall into the Cool/Soft Summer territory - so other than high maintenance blonde, what other shades of hair can we pull off? I'd like to avoid mousy brown, as I'm already one shade lighter, basically dishwater blonde

    1. Hello Gawaxy,
      it's interesting to hear that your natural hair color washes you out because if your wear the right colors next to your face, your all characteristics (hair, skin tone, eyes) should be in harmony.
      For Soft and Cool Summers, I recommend medium to darker ash brown hair maybe with lighter ash blonde or ash brown highlights. As well as you can try the cooler red shades like medium violet brown, medium mahogany or burgundy.
      The Summer colors are in the medium scale of the palettes so try not to use a deep hair color like dark brown or dark mahogany red. These shades would confuse your delicate look.

  15. Hi Agnes, I am a soft summer with tiny amber spots close to the center of my blue-grey eyes with a deep teal outer ring. My skin is light in winter but I tan very easily in summer and am mildly golden toned with some freckles. I have been trying out browns as a base color this winter (since Soft summer flows into soft autumn) and thought browns were more warming to my tone than greys, but I have now noticed a lot of color palettes for soft summer do not include browns. Would you mind explaining why that is? Is brown not a good choice? Thank you :)

  16. Hi, i have dark blonde hair with red and gold in it, olive green eyes with light hazel near the pupils, peach skin which flushes easy. Am i summer or autumn? Very confused i seem to be a few seasons in one?

  17. Hello love your blog, I am a soft summer but I am thinking about dying my hair a red copper colour which my hairdresser thinks should suit me as I have some warm undertone and blue eyes. What do you thinks?

    1. Hi,
      I don't recommend the red copper shade. It is a typical myth that would suit you because many hairdressers think if someone has a little warm undertone and blue eyes copper red would fit them. Unfortunately, this hair color would make you look yellowish and washed out because as a Soft Summer your overall look is rather cool than warm. This shade would dominate your look and your soft and delicate appearance would disappear.
      If you would like a red hair, please go with the cooler red shades like medium burgundy, mahogany or eggplant. The cooler red hair color will also enhance your blue eyes and the colors of your outfits will suit it as well :)


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