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Are you an Autumn-Winter (Deep Autumn)?

Deep Autumn seasonal color palette description by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Update from March 2016: I uploaded a new photo with face examples for a better understanding of this seasonal color palette. Although I can't be certain about the celebrities' exact seasonal color palettes I would like to show some examples to visualize each color palettes.

Deep Autumn, Autumn-Winter seasonal color celebrities by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Jennifer Lopez / Jessica Alba / Maria Menounos
Kate Bogucharskaia / Brenda Kranz
Eva Longoria / Eva Mendes / Victoria Beckham

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You are an Autumn woman who flows into Winter. Your coloring is often mistaken with Deep Winter - the key is your golden skin undertone and you haven't got so much contrast than Winters have. Your colors are deep, warm and a little bit vivid that results a rich, dramatic and overpowering overall look. 

Your hair: medium or dark brown, deep chestnut, black brown with gold or red undertone

Your skin: golden beige, bronze, caramel, warm olive, warm black, may have freckles, can tan easily

Your eyes: warm dark brown, black-brown, dark hazel

Your #colors: warm and rich

Best colors for Deep Autumn seasonal color women; Deep Autumn color palette

Your basic neutral colors: cream, navy, dark chocolate, black-brown

Avoid: cool, bright and dusty colors, gray, pink, lilac

Your makeup: use your palette colors to your eyes, lips and nails, foundation and blusher should be peachy and gold undertones, you can use bronzer and avoid pink blusher

Your jewelry: gold, bronze, copper

Your #style: natural and dramatic

Your sister color palette: Deep Winter (Winter-Autumn)
Note: You can wear the warmer colors of the palette of the Deep Winter season.

More famous Deep Autumns: Kristin Kreuk, Karina Smirnoff, Natalie Portman

Also known as: Dark Autumn or Deep Warm 

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  1. Okay at last I have found out the right palette, where can I buy it from?

  2. Why is Lupita the only black woman on this list? She's cute but she is way darker than I am and a totally different undertone. I'm closer to Brandys color than Lupita. You need to expand your dark skin options. We are not one size fits all.

  3. The descriptions are a bit stereotypical since I am a blue eyed deep autumn, my natural hair color is ash brown yet I have a warm skin undertone.


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