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Are You a Winter-Spring (Clear Winter)?

Clear Winter seasonal color palette description by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Update from March 2016: I uploaded a new photo with face examples for a better understanding of this seasonal color palette. Although I can't be certain about the celebrities' exact seasonal color palettes I would like to show some examples to visualize each color palettes. 

Clear Winter, Winter-Spring seasonal color celebrities by 30somethingurbangirl.com
Megan Fox / Courteney Cox / Zooey Deschanel
Nichole Martinez / Maggie Jablonski
Alexis Bledel / Katy Perry / Miranda Kerr

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You are a Winter (cool) color woman who flows into Spring (warm). Your colors are vivid with high contrast between your skin tone, your eyes and hair color. Your sparkling and suggestive eyes have the biggest focus on your face. Your overall look is dramatic, vivid and elegant.  

Your hair: medium or dark brown, black-brown, black, silver

Your skin: porcelain white, light beige, pale olive, may have freckles

Your eyes: bright blue or green, hazel

Your #colors: vivid and clear

Best colors for Clear Winter seasonal color women; Clear Winter color palette

Your basic neutral colors: pure white, black, navy, gray

Avoid: warm and muted colors like orange, coral, warm browns

Your makeup: use your palette colors to your eyes, lips and nails, foundation and blusher should be cool and rosy undertones, avoid bronzer

Your jewelry: silver, white gold, rose gold

Your #style: dramatic and romantic

Your sister color palette: Clear Spring (Spring-Winter)
Note: You can wear the cooler colors of the palette of the Clear Spring season.

More famous Clear Winters: Demi Moore, Elizabeth Taylor, Vanessa Williams

Also known as: Clear Cool  

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  1. Good information! =)
    But clear winters can also have bright light brown eyes (I'm one) not only bright blue or green.

    1. No, you would be a deep winter; clear winters have ''jewel'' like eyes

  2. Replies
    1. No, she's not...she is a winter, dark hair and blues eyes

    2. It's the skin that is the important one, though. anything else can vary i've noticed. Liv Tyler is not bright enough for Bright Winter, I would see her as a Cool Winter / Cool Summer... she seems to look best in lighter lilacs/purples/blues...

  3. Giselle Pallas oh no, she's not.

  4. But clear winters can also have dark brown sparkling eyes, am I right?

    1. Yes, you can be a clear winter with brown eyes. For one, the eye/hair color used in examples is for those typical of that coloring, but it isn't absolute; what decides your palette is your skin tone. Two, to say only blue or green eyes work for clear winter, would mean only white people can be clear winter, but if you look at the clear winter palette examples in an image search, "deep brown" and "black" are two skin colors that go with clear winter, which you know someone that dark will most likely have brown eyes.

      I myself have brown eyes and am a winter, and assumed that I was a deep winter because of my eyes. But a lot of deep winter colors looked just OK on me. I'm too neutral to be a cool winter, so I knew I wasn't that. But when I tried wearing bright colors, people told me I looked really good, so I copied the clear winter palette and found it worked best for my skin.

  5. Nope. Need eye-hair contrast. Jewel like eyes are defining feature, not brown. Try Deep Autumn. Brown eyed girls do not wear red/pink blush but clear winters do.

  6. I am a brown eyed girl with a natural pink blush. I don't need to wear blush because even after a good coverage of my base, my cheeks glow thru. Where do you hear that brown eyed girls don't wear pink blush. ??


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