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What do the colors mean, represent and how they affect us? :)


Super #colorchart with emotional, physical and behavioral definitions.
Red - emotional: passion, love, strength, anger; physical: raises blood, pressure, raises heart rate, stimulate appetite; behavioral: hot, aggressive, danger, stop
Orange - emotional: happy, energetic, pleasant, social; physical: encourages, movement, provides energy, vigor; behavioral: movement, fast food
Yellow - emotional: warm, cheerful, solitary, irritable; physical: poor skin, reflection, bright, reflective; behavioral: lively, secure, caution, slow
Green - emotional: friendly, calming, neutral, balanced; physical: concentration, focus, attention; behavioral: jealously, envy, money, avarice
Blue - emotional: isolated, peaceful, cool, distant; physical: lowers blood, pressure, decreases appetite; behavioral: calm, conservative, loyal, trusting
Purple - emotional: spiritual, enlightened, creative, artistic; physical: calming, relaxing, helps, insomnia; behavioral: surprise, magic, regal, royal, rare

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