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Radiant Orchid outfit ideas for Light Spring and Light Summer

romantic outfit with Radiant Orchid for Light Spring

Comme des Garçons long sleeve blouse, $332 / Boohoo Sequin and Zig Zag Knitted Poncho, $28 / Reiss mini skirt,$50 / Bally special occasion shoes, $417 / ASOS Satchel purse, $91 / Chunky necklace, $66 / Kate Spade stud earrings, $38 / Bow ring, $1,99

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Even if the #Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid is 'an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones' it's a cool color shade. 

This means cool seasonal color women - Summers and Winters - can wear this color on its own till warm seasonal color women - Springs and Autumns - should wear only as an add-color and not next to their face. 

I created these - and the future - #outfit ideas with this concept so everyone who loves purple can enjoy this awesome and trendy color. 

As you can see, I matched cream and warm pink for Light Spring (Spring-Summer) till I used only Radiant Orchid shades for Light Summer (Summer-Spring).

pretty work wear outfit with Radiant Orchid for Light Summer

Cruciani long sleeve v neck cardigan, $321 / Jil Sander top, $285 / River Island mini skirt, $16 / Cole Haan platform pumps, $100 / Black Brown London pink handbag, $436 / Leather bracelet, $9.85 / A B Davis amethyst ring, $115 / Amethyst earrings, $25

Are you looking for fresh, unique and awesome fashion outfit tips? In this post, I will show you style ideas you can easily fit into your wardrobe. Trendy, fresh, romantic and classic #outfit ideas with #Pantone color of the year #RadiantOrchid for Light Spring and Light Summer seasonal color women.

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