30 something urban girl: Bundle up for cold weather - outfit ideas for Clear Spring and Clear Winter 30 something urban girl

Bundle up for cold weather - outfit ideas for Clear Spring and Clear Winter

Bundle up for cold weather, fabulous outfit idea for Clear Springs


Yumi boatneck top, $32 / Jane Norman open front cardigan, $41 / SUNNYCI women basic 2-tone wool coat, $27 / Morgan mini skirt, $57 / Opaque tight, $8 / Luichiny high heel shoes, $54 / Ted Baker leather bag, $425 / Nikki lissoni blue necklace, $145 / Sapphire stone ring, $4

Winter is coming... I am not a big friend of the chilly weather because I am usually cold but I love wearing layers and bundle up in warm clothes.

To be stylish and cosy at the same time, here are my #outfit ideas for you.

Why the Clear Spring (Spring-Winter) outfit works well?

Colors: bright coral, royal blue, black and beige - all are in your color palette and these are great complementary colors

Style: romantic and dramatic so feminine and bold

  • the coat is elegant and could be a basic item of your wardrobe
  • the bright coral sweater with the lace detail is a really nice Clear Spring design, feminine and dramatic at the same time
  • the faux leather skirt is also exciting and dramatic 
  • the beige cardigan diminishes the outfit a little bit
  • however the bright royal blue bag and boots create a great contrast so a memorable look
  • the jewelry are gold and bold


Ted Baker cotton peplum top, $140 / Pinko grey cropped cardigan, $165 / Long woolen coat, $27 / Lipsy embroidered pencil skirt, $63 / Microfiber tight, $8 / Bar III leather booties, $99 / Leather tote bag, $98 / Ellani Ellani cubic zirconia earrings, $84 / 1928 red and silver Tone Filigree bracelet, $18

Why the Clear Winter (Winter-Spring) outfit works well?

Colors: great and clear royal blue, black, red and grey - all are in your color palette and these are also complementary colors

Style: dramatic and romantic so exciting and feminine

  • the coat with its interesting details and colors is a typical Winter design
  • the royal blue sweater with the peplum detail is romantic and could be a nice statement
  • the grey crop cardigan emphasize the design of the sweater
  • the big lace pattern skirt is really powerful and also a great item for a Clear Winter woman
  • the booties and the bag are simply elegant and quite variable 
  • the earrings and the bracelet pop the outfit 

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Glamorous, chic and cosy fall outfits for Clear Spring and Clear Winter  seasonal color women with coral, beige, royal blue and black, and hot red, hot blue, grey and navy. Super outfit ideas for cold days of fall and winter. Fabulous cold weather looks in your best seasonal colors.

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