30 something urban girl: Bundle up for cold weather - outfit tips for Soft Summer and Soft Autumn 30 something urban girl

Bundle up for cold weather - outfit tips for Soft Summer and Soft Autumn

Bundle up for cold weather, casual outfit tip for Soft Summers


VILA blue jumper, $55 / Jaeger grey top, $235 / Jane Norman belted coat, $100 / ONLY tall jeans, $74 / BCBGeneration leather ankle booties, $140 / ANS croco handbag, $70 / Miadora sterling silver topaz ring, $71 /  Rhinestone clip back earrings, $6

Winter is coming... I am not a big friend of the chilly weather because I am usually cold but I love wearing layers and bundle up in warm clothes.

To be stylish and cosy at the same time, here are my #outfit ideas for you.

Why the Soft Summer (Summer-Autumn) outfit works well?

Colors: basic medium grey, soft medium blue, navy and soft white - all are in your color palette and these are matching analogous colors

Style: classic and natural so elegant and casual

  • the boot-cut jeans fits nearly every body shape so it could be a great basic piece of your wardrobe 
  • the soft medium blue sweater is comfortable as well as the turtle-neck poncho and both are unique - the sweater with its crystal embellishment and the next layer with its interesting design 
  • the coat and the boots has really similar color and style so they're matching quite well and both are variable with many outfits
  • the bag is also a great and casual item with lots of possibility
  • the jewelry is silver and simply elegant


Doublju turtleneck shirt, $6 / Volcom top, $135 / Lapel long sleeve pockets casual trench coat, $52 / Jacob Cohёn straight leg jeans, $270 / Muk Luks bootie boots, $72 / Oasis beige handbag, $60 / John Wind gold crystal and animal print bracelet, $48 / Charlotte Russe earrings, $6 / Charlotte Russe loop scarf, $13

Why the Soft Autumn (Autumn-Summer) outfit works well?

Colors: soft and warm colors like light brow, light moss green, green and yellow - all are in your color palette and these are also analogous colors

Style: natural and classic so effortless and timeless

  • the coat pops up the look with the yellow detail and it's a typical Autumn design
  • the green sweater is quite variable and a basic item
  • the knitted light moss green cardigan is warm and could be worn with many outfits 
  • the straight leg medium brown jeans is a classic piece
  • the booties and the bag are also casual and really variable 
  • the animal print scarf and the bracelet makes the outfit exciting while the gold stud earrings are chic and fit well in the outfit

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Glamorous, chic and cosy fall outfits for Soft Autumn and Soft Summer seasonal color women with camel, mustard yellow and moss green and green, and medium grey, soft blue and navy. Super outfit ideas for cold days of fall and winter. Fabulous cold weather looks in your best seasonal colors.

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