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Charming holiday party outfits for Light Springs and Light Summers

The winter holiday season is still going on such as the time of company or family parties. To celebrate this jolly time I created #party #outfit ideas according to your best seasonal colors and style.

I hope you will like them.

Pretty holiday party outfit ideas for Light Spring and Light Summer women

Party outfit for Light Springs

Pretty holiday party outfit for Light Spring seasonal color women
Christmas Party Outfit for Light Springs

Coast green dress,$195 / Monsoon brown shrug, $60 / Badgley Mischka high heel shoes, $132 / Nina satin purse, $69 / Jeweliq crystal bracelet, $35 / Kendra Scott ring, $70 / Adina Reyter bow necklace, $112

Why the Light Spring (Spring-Summer) outfit works well?

Colors: light olive green, light yellow and beige - all are in your color palette and these are pretty analogous colors

Style: romantic and classic so feminine and elegant

  • the design of the dress is elegant and feminine with the little flower plus its color is so unique
  • the beige bolero is pretty and could be a basic item
  • the light yellow sparkling pumps are sexy and chic
  • the clutch is also classy and reflect on the dress
  • the jewelry is gold, stylish and nice

Party outfit tip for Light Summers

Pretty holiday party outfit for Light Summer seasonal color women

Kaliko party dress, $110 / Gina Bacconi bolero jacket, $100 / Nina high heel shoes, $79 / Accessorize silver handbag, $29 / Pulsar watch, $169 / Pandora earrings, $70 / Trollbeads red ring, $110

Why the Light Summer (Summer-Spring) outfit works well?

Colors: grey blue, soft white, icy pink and silver - all are in your color palette and this is a nearly monochrome look that look great on you

Style: classic and romantic so timeless and chic

  • the style and the color of the dress is really nice and a typical Light Summer design
  • the shiny bolero is quite variable and a basic item
  • the light icy pink pumps are stylish and pretty
  • the silver sparkling clutch reflects on the accessories and its detail on the heels
  • the pink and silver jewelry pops up the outfit and so classic


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