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Chic Holiday Party Outfit for Soft Summers and Soft Autumns

The winter holidays season has just begun such as the time of company or family parties. To celebrate this jolly time I created #party #outfit ideas according to your best seasonal colors and style. 

I hope you will like them. 

Pretty holiday party outfit ideas for Soft Summer and Soft Autumn women


Party outfit idea for Soft Summers

Pretty holiday party outfit for Soft Summer seasonal color women

Laona short dress, $175 / Caterina Masoni purple blazer, $120 / Kate Spade slip on shoes, $350 / Nine West clutch, $59 / Maria Rudman silver bracelet, $520 / Kenneth Cole drop earrings, $22 / Ice diamond ring, $390 

Why the Soft Summer (Summer-Autumn) outfit works well?

Colors: basic medium grey, soft medium purple and lavender - all are in your color palette and these are matching analogous colors

Style: classic and natural so elegant and casual

  • the dress is a lovely and casual sweetheart neck design with a pretty bib and a nice silver belt
  • the color of the bolero is a power shade for Soft Summers
  • the pumps have the similar color shade while the lavender and sparkling clutch can be worn with many different outfits 
  • the jewelry is silver and simply elegant


Party outfit tip for Soft Autumns

Pretty holiday party outfit for Soft Autumn seasonal color women

Halter dress, $39 / VILA blazer, $75 / Steve Madden gold pumps, $100 / Nina evening handbag, $125 / Kate Spade drop earrings, $98 / Michael Valitutti topaz ring, $119

Why the Soft Autumn (Autumn-Summer) outfit works well?

Colors: soft and warm colors like turquoise, light powder blue and medium gold - all are in your color palette and these are also analogous colors

Style: natural and classic so effortless and timeless

  • the dress is a two-in-one design with its statement gold collar
  • the light and sparkling powder blue blazer can really put you in the party mood
  • the medium gold and glittery pumps can be worn with many different outfits 
  • the ring and the earrings reflect on the main colors of the outfit 

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