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Elegant Holiday Party Outfit for Cool Summers and Cool Winter

The winter holiday season has just begun such as the time of office or family parties. To celebrate this jolly time I created #party #outfit ideas according to your best seasonal colors and style.

I hope you will like them.

Pretty holiday party outfit ideas for Cool Summer and Cool Winter women


Party outfit for Cool Summer women

Pretty holiday party outfit for Cool Summer seasonal color women

Aidan Mattox holiday party dress, $455 / Axara print blazer, $255 / Jimmy Choo glitter stiletto, $635 / Jimmy choo purse $608 / Swarovski purple earrings, $125 / Accessorize silver bow charms watch, $78 / Bling Jewelry oval stone engagement ring, $50

Why the Cool Summer (Summer-Winter) outfit works well?

Colors: dark purple, dark and light grey, silver  - all are in your color palette and these are soft and analogous colors

Style: classic and dramatic so chic and exciting 

  • the 1920s inspired dark purple dress with the crystal embroidered is really beautiful and interesting
  • the classy silver blazer highlights the dress and quite variable
  • the ombré pumps is also exciting and could be a basic item of your wardrobe as well as the medium grey sparkling clutch
  • the purple earrings match with the color and the pattern of the dress
  • the silver watch and the cocktail ring are moderately dramatic


Party outfit for Cool Winter ladies

Pretty holiday party outfit for Cool Winter seasonal color women

Chi Chi evening dress, $91 / MISS BLUMARINE Turkey Feather & Satin Bolero, $287 / Enrico Fantini pink handbag, $61 / Monet bracelet, $26 / Swarovski blue earrings, $42 / BERRICLE pink cubic zirconia ring, $75

Why the Cool Winter (Winter-Summer) outfit works well?

Colors: black, icy pink and icy blue - all are in your color palette and these are nicely ontrasting colors

Style: dramatic and classic so powerful and timeless

  • the black dress with the polka dots and the embroidered details are really elegant, truly love it and could wear many times and I'm a Cool Winter :) 
  • the icy blue bolero is also interesting and quite a statement
  • the sparkling icy pink heels and the clutch pop up the outfit
  • the light blue earrings and bracelet match with the bolero while the ring reflects with the accessories


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  1. Like this one, recently wanted to buy some crystal jewelry dress themselves,Swarovski pendentifs more like,but I do not know too many styles to pick that good, we help to the point.


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