30 something urban girl: Fashoinable and home decor gift ideas for Summer women 30 something urban girl

Fashoinable and home decor gift ideas for Summer women

#Christmas is at the corner so I collected a couple of last minute #giftideas.

Christmas gift guide for Summer seasonal color women with fashion and home decor gifts under 50USD

In this post, I show you some colorful tips that you can give to your Summer seasonal color friend.

Their colors are soft, pastel and cool so your presents should also have these shades. For a fashionable gift you can choose muted pink, purple or silver eye-shadows, raspberry, cherry or cool pink lipsticks and pastel nail polish. The perfumes smell like the fresh summer beach ‒a great mixture of light citrus scents like lemon, grapefruit or lime and a hint of the sea.
The main characteristics of Summer jewelry are silver or white gold and classic or timeless.

Fashionable gift ideas under 50USD for Summer seasonal color women by 30somethingurbangirl.com

Clinique Wear Everywhere Eyeshadow - Pinks, $46 // Clinique Pop Lip Color Lipstick - Grape Pop, $23 // LancĂ´me Lipgloss In Love Fresh Color Meets Comfort and Vinyl Shine, $28 //
Nails inc Baby NailKale Collection, $27 //
Aqua Cadence Collar Necklace, $40 // Chico's Delaney Floral Scarf, $49 // 
New Look Pure Touch Green Perfume, $18 // Arizona Tear Drop Earring Set, $7 //  Billy The TreeClear Crystal Vine Design Fashion Pin, $17
❄ ❄ 

If you friend prefers home decoration items, also choose a lighter and cooler colored product. For example, you can buy a pastel candle holder, a soft blue or gray mug set, a classic and elegant serving bowl, a cool and sparkling cushion or textile product or a simply yet statement vase.
The Christmas decorations can be cool and silver, soft white, light pink or purple, muted blue or pastel.

Jansen Co Heart Mug - Set of 4, $40 // Pier 1 Imports Serving Bowl, $20 // Assorted Heart Hanging Ornaments &Ndash; Set Of 3, $20 //
 Kate Spade Take Note Sweet Nothings Medium Notebook, $16 //
Canvas Dauville Single Stem Bud Vases - Platinum, $25 //
LSA Polka Tea Light Holders Set of 4 Assorted Pastel, $29 // Imax Essentials Book Boxes, $42 // Purple Throw Pillow from Etsy.com, $31


Are you or your friend is a Light, a Soft or a Cool Summer? Click here to learn more about these color palettes.

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